Scheduled Maintenance Notifications

Instance Time and Date (PST) Time and Date (UTC) Message
CS18 April 04, 07:00 PM PDT -
April 04, 07:30 PM PDT
April 05, 02:00 AM UTC -
April 05, 02:30 AM UTC
The CS18 instance will be unavailable for the duration of this maintenance.
CS20 April 04, 08:00 PM PDT -
April 04, 08:30 PM PDT
April 05, 03:00 AM UTC -
April 05, 03:30 AM UTC
The CS20 instance will be unavailable for the duration of this maintenance.
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April 11, 07:30 PM PDT
April 12, 02:00 AM UTC -
April 12, 02:30 AM UTC
All core production and Sandbox instances will be generally available for the duration of this maintenance.

This maintenance window is to add an additional login pool to our Tokyo data center, which will impact all customers who have customers or inbound traffic integrations logging in from the APAC region. This maintenance will be seamless as long as those customers have prepared their organizations' corporate network settings for this addition. More information is available in our "How to Prepare for Additional Login Pools" Knowledge Article in our Help & Training portal.
NA2 April 18, 11:00 PM PDT -
April 19, 04:00 AM PDT
April 19, 06:00 AM UTC -
April 19, 11:00 AM UTC
The NA2 instance will be available in Read-Only mode for a portion of this maintenance. For more information on what Read-Only access allows during this pilot, see our Read-Only Mode Overview ( Knowledge article

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