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Trust and Compliance

This page provides links to the trust and compliance
information for each Salesforce service.


Einstein Platform Trust and Compliance Documentation

This page is applicable to the services and features branded as Sales Cloud Einstein, Pardot Einstein, Salesforce Inbox, High Velocity Sales, Einstein Engagement Scoring, Einstein Copy Insights, Einstein Vision and Language Services, Einstein Bots, Service Cloud Einstein, Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Vision for Social Studio, and the Einstein Features (Activity Capture, Opportunity Scoring, Bots, Case Classification, Article Recommendations, Object Detection, and Prediction Builder) ("Covered Services").


The Trust & Compliance documentation includes:

  • The architecture of, and the administrative, technical and physical controls applicable to, Einstein Platform
  • Features, restrictions and notices associated with any:
    • Information sourced from third parties or public sources and provided to customers via Einstein Platform
    • Einstein Platform functionality that allows customers to interact with social media and other websites
    • Desktop and mobile device software applications provided in connection with Einstein Platform
  • The infrastructure environment, sub-processors and certain other entities material to Salesforce's provision of Einstein Platform

The Einstein Analytics Plus and Einstein Prediction Services contain Einstein Prediction Builder, Einstein Analytics, and Einstein Discovery. The Einstein Prediction Builder functionality is subject to this Documentation, and the Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery functionality is subject to separate Documentation listed below.

Einstein branded services and features which are not listed above are not covered in this documentation, including:

Einstein branded services and features not covered by this documentationFor Trust and Compliance Documentation for these Einstein branded services and features, please review the appropriate documentation as follows:
- Einstein Analytics (including Einstein Discovery)Einstein Analytics Documentation
Commerce Cloud Einstein, including:
 - Einstein Commerce Recommendations
 - Einstein Commerce Insights
 - Einstein Predictive Sort
Commerce Cloud Documentation
- Einstein Journey Insights
 - Einstein Segmentation
Audience Studio and Data Studio Documentation
- Einstein Marketing Recommendations (services branded as Einstein Recommendations, Einstein Email Recommendations, and Einstein Web Recommendations)
 - Einstein Engagement Frequency
Marketing Cloud Documentation
- Einstein Community Recommendations
 - Einstein Trending Posts
Community Cloud Documentation
  • * Einstein Analytics Plus contains both Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery--which are both subject to the Einstein Analytics Documentation--and Einstein Prediction Builder, which is subject to this Einstein Platform Documentation.


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