Trust Notification User Guide

What are Trust Notifications?

Trust Notifications are near real-time email notifications regarding incidents and maintenances posted to our Trust status site, Anyone can self-subscribe to Trust Notifications and tailor their subscription settings to the instances and types of events of which they want to be notified. Trust Notifications are sent from

How to Subscribe to Trust Notifications

Follow steps 1 - 6 to subscribe.

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Select Your Instance


Step 3: Click Subscribe


Step 4: Enter Your Email Address and Select Your Language

Trust_Status 4.png

Step 5: Click “Subscribe to Notifications” to receive all Trust Notifications pertaining to the instance

Trust_Status 5.png

OPTIONAL: Customize Subscription Settings
Step A: Choose “I'd like to customize my email notifications for future incidents and maintenances”

Trust_Status 6.png

Step B: Uncheck the Services and/or Impacts You Don't Want to be Notified About

Not sure what to subscribe to? Definitions are outlined in our What's New in Trust page!


Step C: Click “Subscribe to Notifications”


Step 6: You're Successfully Subscribed! Verify You've Received Your Confirmation Email

Subscribe Confirmation

How To Manage Your Subscription Settings

Step 1: Visit the Notification Center

You can manage your subscription settings through the Notification Center at by clicking Notifications in the upper right-hand corner. A link to the Notification Center will also be included in your confirmation email(s) and at the bottom of each Trust Notification.


Log In

Step 2: You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from all notifications using the radio buttons in the left-most column of the Notification Center. Don't forget to click save!

Subscribe Options

Step 3: To add or remove instances from your subscription settings, choose Custom from the left-most column of the Notification Center and select each instance for which you would like to receive notifications. A checked box means you will receive Trust Notifications for that instance. Don't forget to click save!

Custom Subscriptions

Step 4: Customize your notification preferences per instance by clicking the pencil button on the right of the instance and then selecting your Service and Impact preferences

Service Choice

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 2.25.51 PM.png

Step 5: Manage your Language Preferences through the drop down menu in the left-most column under Language. Don't forget to click save!

Language Selection

Additional Information

Language preferences

Trust Notifications are sent in every language supported on the trust site. Subscribers can choose their preferred language upon subscribing and when managing their subscription (Step 5 above). In order to provide timely and accurate status updates, not all Trust Notification content may be translated.

Sandbox Notifications

Your subscription settings will not be automatically adjusted when you refresh your sandbox. When refreshing your sandbox, we recommend verifying your new sandbox instance and updating your subscription settings to continue to receive status updates most relevant to you.

Instance Refreshes 

Prior to an instance refresh, Salesforce will auto-subscribe existing subscribers of the source instance to the destination instance(s). Please note, if an instance is being split into two instances, subscribers will be subscribed to both destination instances and will need to update their subscription preferences at their earliest convenience. 

Org Migrations

Your subscription settings will not be automatically updated following an org migration. We recommend updating your subscription settings as soon as you are informed of your new instance to continue to receive status updates most relevant to you.